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 These fifteen talks, ranging from fifteen to twenty five minutes, cover the topics of gratitude, inner peace, grief and loss, emotional freedom, creating community, the laws that govern our lives, managing change, answering the call to go within and releasing our inner divinity! You can also preview a sample from each talk before you make your purchase.   It is my great hope that these talks awaken your spirit as much as they have awakened my own. Enjoy! Peace Camille

Note: After your purchase, you'll see "Listen to Your Order". When you click that link, it'll take you to the talk and begin to play. Be sure to click the "download" button on the left side before leaving that page so you can listen to the talk again via your computer or mobile device! 


"I Fought the Law and the Law Won"

This talk covers a favorite topic of mine and my great love for the Law of Mind!  Listen to this preview.      


"Grief, Loss & the Eternal Life"

This talk's topic is very dear to my heart and one you'll want to share with anyone who is dealing with loss. In it, I also reveal how George Harrison's spiritual life deeply influenced me and changed me in a profound way.  Listen to this preview


"The Heart of Circulation"

This talk not only discusses another law, The Law of Circulation, but also talks about the "Giver's Heart".  Listen to this preview  



This talk offers us a powerful opportunity to die to the old beliefs that hold us back and resurrect our inner divinity.  Listen to this preview. 


 "Loose Change" 

We often resist and fear change yet change is a law of life itself. What would happen if we changed our perspective of change?  Listen to this preview.


"Peace is with You"

Like happiness, peace is an inside job. This talk discusses how we access the peace that we are.  Listen to a preview. 


"Just Passing Through"  

Deeply inspired by the book, The Untethered Soul, I talk about what it takes to let life and its challenges pass through you, bringing you the emotional freedom we all crave. A real game changer!!  Listen to this preview. 


"The Global Heart"

This talk shares the vision of a world that works for everyone and identifies what it takes to create healthy communities. Listen to this preview.


"A Common Unity"  

In this talk, I further explore healthy communities and how sometimes, our values and preferences exclude those around us. Listen to this preview. 


"Match Point"

This is a powerful talk because it reminds us that our mind and our thoughts are always creating our reality and how you can create a consciousness that is a match to the good you truly desire!  Listen to this preview. 


"The Christ"  

The metaphysical interpretation of The Christ is a consciousness of wholeness that wasn't just given to one person but rather all of us. This inner divinity is what we are awakening to.  Listen to this preview. 


"The Holy Days"

One of my favorite talks in which I share the metaphysical interpretation of The Christmas Story which means that unlike Christmas, the message in this talk is something we all can celebrate!  Listen to this preview. 


"Spiritual Maturity"

This talk challenges us to go to our spiritual practices first not after we've exhausted all other human processes to reconcile our challenges and calls on us to lead a heart centered life not only for ourselves but for those around us.  Listen to this preview. 


"Count Your Blessings"

Mother Nature is always showing us how abundant life is but we must choose to see through the lens of "enoughness" to truly live an abundant life.  Listen to this preview. 



In this, one of the first talks I gave, I awaken to power of gratitude when we move from giving thanks for what we have to giving thanks for who and whose we are. This talk is my gift to you. Namsate.

Entertainer - Radio Personality - Inspirational Speaker - Voice Over Talent : Camille Conte marconi award winner
 National Association of Broadcasters "Personality of the Year" Marconi Award Winner!

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