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  In his wonderful book, A Deep Breath of Life-Daily Inspiration for Heart Centered Living, Alan Cohen writes, “For many, the Christmas season is a challenging time. The call to love brings forth everything unlike love, and some of us find ourselves feeling stressed or depressed...We face unwanted obligations to give to certain people or be present at certain gatherings.”

Returning to the home of my upbringing and choosing to spend time with my family this year has certainly activated the experience he describes and then some! Fortunately, he goes on to give us the wise answer to the question, how do we walk through our emotional land mines to not just survive the holidays but to thrive during them? “Consider the Christmas season an invitation to master love in the face of vast materialism and insanity.” 

Reading that, I realized the lifeline that is my spiritual practices and rituals. In my own home, back in Anchorage, it was easy to master such habits however here in my mother’s home, there seems to be some additional mindfulness that is necessary for me to build the environment that restores me and allows me to live a heart centered life. “To love in a world of love is ideal,” Cohen continues, “but to love in the face of illusion is mastery.”

For me, I always come back to, “how do I want to feel?”  My feeling state is a vibrational atmosphere that comes from within me and ripples outwardly. I am responsible for that vibrational atmosphere and for maintaing it. My well being, turns out, is my responsibility not that of others.

Join me in the practice of centering inward and tapping into the Peace that is within each of us. I find simply closing my eyes and focusing on my breath for one minute is miraculous in its results! Mindfully slowing down your breath, moving it into your belly and our of the shallow breathing that only the upper chest gives us offers an immediate grounding tool. I’ve used it hundreds of times already right in the middle of the insanity so as not to join into insanity’s vibrational atmosphere! 

“If you never send one card, show up at one party, or give on present, but remain in love, you will give the greatest gift of all.” This year, let’s join together in the Truth: our presence is the gift. 

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