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I narrated an article the other day about self promotion and it was quite good. One of the suggestions had to do with the importance of writing frequently, in this case blogging, as a way to keep your followers involved in the behind the scenes experiences that you're going through to launch your project or dream. 

The spinning plates, which I've mentioned in earlier posts, have been my point of reference while sharing this journey with you.  I equated the many "disciplines" before me and my relationship to them as TV plate spinner, Andrew Van Buren, who would come on stage with a tall stack of plates and a row of broom sticks and would begin to spin one plate at a time until the entire row of plates spinned simultaneously. By the time he achieved his great feat, the first few were wobbling and the last ones were spinning like a spinning top, but they were all going at once and the audience applauded while he took his bow! Erich Brenn was even more impressive when he appeared on The Ed Sullivan Show.

I choose to look at these self-promotional disciplines as my plates. It has helped me tremendously. In the beginning, though, I foolishly thought I could spin them all effortlessly. But alas, I was humbled as they came crashing down, as they sometimes did for the Andrew and Erich.

Facebook was my first plate and that took some time to get going. After I got that spinning, my email blasts' plate went up. Splitting my focus just between two was a challenge! With two going, I added my Twitter plate. Wow! When I posted on Facebook, sent out my blast and posted on Twitter, I took a bow! Then I added my blogging plate but that proved to be too much. I needed more spin time with the first three.

Since then, more and more plates have been added and it's now time to reload the writing plate. Like Andrew, who would always give those last plates a seriously good spin to get them going, while keeping his eye on the first few, I too will give my writing plate a good spin and do my best to keep it from hitting the ground. If it does, though, I'll grab another and give it a go.

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