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I Can See Clearly Now


One of my part-time jobs this summer, though I'm calling them "divine assignments, is cleaning beautiful beach rentals on Saturday mornings. In the business, it's called a "turn over" though I always think of an apple filled puff pastry when anybody says that. My assignment is to clean all the windows, which is mostly the sliding glass doors, and the mirrors. Apparently, I do windows like nobody else and have received rave reviews for my efforts. 

Walking into these gorgeous homes has helped me stretch the canvas of my mind when it comes to how one can live while increasing my receptivity of the good life. Most of these homes have views of the ocean or the bay and it's a stunning panaromic. The water is so healing and it's one of the reasons I took this sabbatical; I needed to be near the water.  All the newer homes have been lovingly decorated with just the right amount of decor to set the stage for the perfect beach house. Some are spacious and modern, others more rustic, each with its own personality. I already have my favorites!

With my Windex and roll of paper towels in hand, I have come to see this window cleaning as a spiritual practice. I realized this on Saturday as I was watching the residuals of the sea air and salt water dissolve into sparkling clarity as my hand moved the paper towel back and forth dispersing my magic liquid cleaner across the glass surface. 

This is how the mind is, I thought, the heart too, cloudied by residual hurts and emotional pain, not allowing for a clear view of things. It's only when forgiveness, meditation, prayer and a conscious willingness to choose love is applied that things can begin to clear and become clear. As I moved from window to window, I brought to my awareness lingering hurts that are taking away from my pristine view of life. As I wiped the windows, I imagined I was wiping clean my own heart and mind, letting the dirt of the past gather on the paper towels which I tossed when done. I imagined my mind crystal clear, seeing only the beauty around me. I start singing that great Johnny Nash song, "I can see clearly now the pain is gone". 

The mirrors are offering me the opportunity to wipe away those outdated beliefs about my own beauty. Fortunately there's not too many left. Standing there, seeing my own reflection, I smile and whisper a loving comment about what and who I see. It's becoming very a very powerful experience.

I've got at least another five Saturdays of cleaning. Who knows, maybe by the time summer's over, my heart and mind will sparkle and shine a little brighter because I cleaned someone else's sliding glass doors. Who would have thought that cleaning windows would be the ultimate spiritual practice.

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