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Enough Already


I just finished reading Alan Cohen's new book, Enough Already - The Power of Radical Contentment. I was turned onto Alan Cohen by my friend, Bobby Lee who uses Cohen's book, A Deep Breath of Life as part of his daily spiritual practices. I had heard of Alan Cohen but only then, at Bobby's kitchen table, did I hear Alan Cohen. I immediately liked his perspective and language. Soon after, I got that book and am continuing to enjoy it daily. So seeing the release of this new book at his website, I went to his "store" and bought it.

As often is the case, I'm inspired by what I already know but have forgotten it and need to have it front and center. There were many "aha's" while reading, all of which are serving me very well at this time of my sabbatical. And what exactly is "this time"? Good question. 

There's an aspect of my mind that is spilting off from the now and looking back. That's seemingly being activated by my mind's relationship to the calendar. It says, "Look at all that was happening a year ago!".   I'm mindful of using the now for the past, however there are times, and this is one of them, when the retrospective is refining my perspective. In remembering and therefore recreating the feeling of unbounded gratitude for the abundance that was flowing through my life a year ago, I'm realizing that it's still flowing through me today, whether my mind "sees" it or not.  Reflection reveals a subtle default thought that was communicating to me, "That was then and it's not now" thereby blurring my vision.  In awakening to that false belief, I am able to proclaim the Truth and feel its vibrational quality.  That's how shift happens, that's how we experience our lives anew - the feeling state changes because the thought changes. Turns out gratitude feels much better than lack. 

When I incarnated, I got into the line of beliefs that said, "Ok, you're journey will be an awakening from lack to fullness, limitation to wholeness, scarcity to abundance, not-enoughness to enoughness. Now go forth and have fun!".  It's a journey that's taken me home again, to where it all began. It's not only a time of self-discovery, of seeing where the unhealed parts of me still existed, but also a time of forgiveness and compassion for those that passed it on to me as it had been passed onto them.

I am at the most critical part of transformation which is the place of creation, where mindfully choosing anew moves me from the unconscious to the consious. This is the great awakening that many of us are experiencing and it's power can rock your world.   With my prayer partner's help, I am now the audience member hearing me speak the subtleties of my story that until now I was deaf to, so buried were they in the darkness all this time.   I'm rising up and saying, "Enough already!"  How powerful that is! There's such a finalty in that statement, the vibrational quality is so complete there is nothing that follows it except a better tomorrow.





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