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The calendar is telling me a story. A story that began October 28th, 2013 when I closed my front door and began this creative sabbatical. It has become one of the greatest gifts I’ve ever given myself. I am truly living the creative life of my dreams.  As I approach the twelfth month of this grand adventure, I am in awe of the creativity that has flowed through me in this time of open space. Never have I gone a full year without “a full-time job” and yet I’ve been working full time ever since I left Anchorage. 

There are two words I’ve used the most to describe this past year: humble and grateful. I am humbled by this vision’s grandeur, how many moving pieces it has and with no mind to me, how it moves or doesn’t. It’s got it’s own time piece and I’ve had to seriously adjust mine to it if not abandon it all together. 

The Camille Conte Show is one pillar of this massive structure and it has become strong and steady since its launch January 15, 2013. I am humbled by the immense amount of dedication, faith and work it has taken to do this independent, live streaming show four hours a week. I can see now that the only reason I was able to do it 5 days a week, 3 - 4 hours a day for 25 years is because I had the leverage of an entire radio station’s support staff and infrastructure. Now, my support staff is my family of DREAMRAISERS who continue to fund this radio show with their unbounded generosity. I am so grateful.

I’m humbled by how long it has taken to create, participate in and maintain a writing habit, the next pillar in my temple of creativity. I love having a blog on my website and it has taken me all this time to create a space for writing. I’ve learned a lot venturing into this unknown area of my creativity. I know now that shorter is better for me and you and that I tend to come to the page when the words are already bubbling up. I’m grateful for the people who have told me to continue, that they enjoy my writing and that it’s a different “voice” than the one they hear through the microphone. I never saw myself as a writer but I do now. 

I’m humbled by how vulnerable I feel as I prepare to express my spiritual life online.  I’ve always kept it a little off to the side, though certainly my life philosophy seeps into all I do and say. For a long time now, I’ve known that it has to be fully integrated with the rest of me for this authentic creative life to be fully realized.  I’ve been developing it for as long as I’ve been working on my show with the two running side by side these past three years.  As time has shown, however, the show took the lead, as it needed to. Now, as it’s steady on its own, I am able to finally share with others the spiritual practices and philosophies that have so profoundly enhanced my life. 

I am humbled by the personal healing that has taken place during this past year. You can step into the mystery of life and not expect some disruption. I'm grateful for my willingness to continue to awaken my spirit even though at times it's extremely uncomfortable.

I am grateful for the miracles that have kept my finances just right month to month so as to remain true to this extended period of time in which I dedicate my focus to the reason why I breathe. I’m humbled by how little money I have at 52 and yet I feel very rich. 

I am humbled by where this is all taking place, at least this part of the ride, in the bedroom I grew up in as a child, in the house I called home before moving to Alaska. Turns out, the little girl with these dreams in her head and the transistor radio under her pillow has known all this time that I’d come back to where it all began. It’s been powerful meeting up with her again and bringing her along. 

Everyone has a dream in their heart, something that calls their name every day. As much as I hoped to be “further along”, I am so incredibly grateful for where I am today and what I’ve been able to do these past twelve months. I realize that it's much more than many people get to experience in a lifetime. So to all those who have said an encouraging word, made a donation, took my frantic calls, gave honest feedback, listened to a podcast, tuned in for a live stream, told me to keep going when I doubted, to my friends back home who have helped with the logistics of a life in two places and to all those that give a damn about what I’m doing by asking about it, I’m humbled by your love and want you to know how grateful I am. 

Entertainer - Radio Personality - Inspirational Speaker - Voice Over Talent : Camille Conte marconi award winner
 National Association of Broadcasters "Personality of the Year" Marconi Award Winner!

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