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The Holy Days


This is a very interesting time of the year.  Those who believe that Christmas means only the definition that they subscribe to it actually find no irony in participating in the narrative entitled, "The War on Christmas".  Add to that, that we've taken the least materialistic guy on earth and turned his birth into the most materialistic of celebrations! We look at dates on the calendar and grab them to make them ours and in our justified righteousness we deny or simply fail to make room for the other expressions of celebration that millions participate in. This is why there is only one place to truly be during these days: deep within ourselves.

For many people, the outward expression of this time of the year is sacred and keeps them tethered to their inner self. For others, it's an empty experience that leaves them feeling alone and disconnected. Still, for some, there's a sense of guilt if they're unable to be in that joy or a sense of shame if they're unable to buy gifts as the onslaught of commercials and expectations swirl around them. With so much external stimuli triggering so many different feelings and emotions, is it any wonder that our inner life does what it can to get our attention to turn inward? The next question, of course, is do we heed the call?

I turned "the holidays" into "the holy days" many years ago when I rebelled against the barrage of stimulation, expectation and over-indulgence that overwhelmed me and my soul. As I grew spiritually, I yearned for something deeper, more fulfilling than the norm. I yearned for rituals, and lots of them. I sought to understand Kwanza, Chanuka and Solstice and found my experience expanded by the way of others. I learned about The Christ Consciousness and was forever transformed.

Our world tells us there is two; however, I believe that there is just The One. Nameless and Formless, Its essence is Love and within It, an intelligence that knows all because It is all.  I believe that everything that is happening is as a result of our collective desire to create a world that works for everyone, where Love is the norm. I see these headlines that reflect the conditions of my lifetime as a testimony to the long awaited healing of this illusion of duality into the truth of Oneness. There could be no more real place for such a healing then with and within ourselves.

So as we more through these days, give yourself permission to create whatever expression externally that honors what's unfolding internally. Keep it simple or make it elaborate, either way, it is sacred because you make it so. Be willing to sit or stand or walk in the silence and witness the discomfort that rises when there is no stimuli to take us away from our divine essence. Simply observe it, create a space for it, allow it to come up and pass through you. Tend to your inner flame. Give the gift of mindfulness, kindness and a healed mind. Think thoughts of love about and for everyone and when your mind presents you with a less than loving thought, simple be aware and choose again.

We have tried everything from war to technology to harness our better selves. Let us commit to a more simple approach, one in which we become still and feel into the presence of Love, the very essence of who we are! Release yourself from obligations and allow your heart to guide you this season. Know with me, that the greatest present you can give is that of your loving presence. 

Entertainer - Radio Personality - Inspirational Speaker - Voice Over Talent : Camille Conte marconi award winner
 National Association of Broadcasters "Personality of the Year" Marconi Award Winner!

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