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We Take Care of Our Own


My beloved friend is lying in her hospital bed. It’s been about six hours since her surgery. I’m her Caretaker Coach and feeling way outside my comfort zone right now. I’m hoping that writing is the grounding rod to my sense of confidence. 

Next door is a man who I’m guessing is hard of hearing. He’s blessed with several phone calls and we’re blessed with every thing he’s saying. The nurses station is right outside and they have a busy night. Nurses are really angels in disguise and in all fairness so are doctors. They just have different wings.

In her multi-drug induced state, my friend is still trying to use her phone and text!  She just showed me the word she typed for "surgery" and we’re both laughing at the outcome. I imagine such an activity brings some semblance of her normal life to this less than ordinary moment. 

Earlier, in what is a truly amazing advancement in medical expectation, my friend’s PT came in and actually got her out of bed and on her two feet! I had to leave the room though. The pain on her face was too much for my already tender heart. 

Food has finally arrived but it might as well been left in the kitchen. For all the medical advancements I’m witnessing, the lack of nutrient dense food is unacceptable. Everything in life has a vibration to it and the turkey, powdered gravy and unidentifiable mound of something is dead food. Don’t tell me it costs too much to make healthy food! Nutrition heals. Period. 

I’ll be staying the night, grateful that my life choices allow me to be here in this way. I'm so thankful for my spiritual practices, my prayer partner and a belief in a Love Intelligence that is working through me, using me as the vessel for this expression of care and service. I only feel outside of my comfort zone when I forget that. Though I would use the word "Love" for "Father", I can understand this Truth, "The Father within doeth the work." For all the focus on gift giving this time of the year, it’s a shame we don’t allow ourselves to give each other the best there is: ourselves and the love that’s inside. 

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