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The Way Home


January was a powerful kick-off to 2015. I came out of the gate full throttle with a sense of power, focus and optimism. I had done several sacred ceremonies as I came through December to bring respectful honor to another man made year and felt cleansed and ready for the new.

I've been on a proactive healing trajectory for several years now. Though I consider the beginning of my spiritual journey 27 years ago a healing in and of itself, a greater understanding of how healing the self heals the whole lead me to a fully conscious choice of calling up any and all beliefs and patterns of behavior that have kept me separate from myself and others. Be careful what you ask for!

Such a call had to lead me home, not just to the center of the core of who I AM but also the geographical birth place of it all. It was my highest Self and that Inner Knower that counseled me in 2013 not to attach a need to know a whole lot about the journey I was packing for. Glad I listened. In deep surrender for the past 15 months, I'm in awe of where I am and how long I've been here. However when I look back and review, as Mercury in retrograde counsels us to do, I can see so clearly that there was inner work here for me to do so as to be fully present for my future. Remnants of a half healed past awaited me, ready to give me what I asked for whether it was convenient or not! 

Such a willingness, at least for me, dislodges energy blocks of pain that are then free to "come up" and be released. As I held the space for such a process, I was astounded by how many disguarded Camille's I found along the highway of my past. There she was waiting patiently to be remembered and brought home. This process which became a guided mediation that I use for myself and others has been an effective ritual in healing the self and returning to wholeness. Turns out, the whole self is a lot more powerful than the fragmented one.  The splintered me has worked so hard to do, to get and to achieve "out there". These days, that is the last 31, I'm noticing I'm a lot more relaxed and calm and detached.

We live in a society that encourages us to numb our feelings and it offers us many options to acoomplish just that. However society is not the place to go to for guidance on how to awaken from the self to the Self, from separation to Oneness, from the individual to the Whole. That counsel can only come from our eternal essence that calls on us today to pause, turn towards It and feel everything unlike It so as to make more room for It. That's the journey home for all of us and when we say yes to it and begin our travels we find not just ourselves at the end of it, but everyone else. 


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