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Take me. I'm yours.


It's a perfect time for a spiritual crisis; it is, afterall, holy week and the son of god is not the only one who is about to resurrect. We all have the opportunity right now, to die to what no longer serves us and to resurrect our true nature. We can, right now, release from our minds and hearts all those limiting core beliefs that we've absorbed along the way that have kept us small, broke and unhappy. But how? 

Spiritual Practices. I've always been and remain a student of the very education I've compiled in my new course, "Gain Strength & Clarity Using Spiritual Practices". On the heels of unleashing my first online class to the world, I find myself looking at a completely emptied life. I've given everything I have in body, mind and spirit to gather up the best education I've received over the years and turn it into online courses for all of humanity. I know these principles and practices work and I just want to share this information with as many people as possible. 

In doing so, I've used all my finances and delayed getting a job in order to get it done. In the back of my mind, I assumed (uh oh) I'd get another tax return and that would float me. Imagine my suprise when I found out I wasn't get a return! The first time in 20 years! 

What happened right after receiving that news is a sign to me that these practices and the principles upon which they are built work when you work them. Having been on the precipice of the illusion of lack and limitation before, I knew how I handled this moment in the past: panic, fear, desperation and the need to control and manage my outer life in hopes that it would be enough to get me through. This time though, I was unwilling to accept that fate. It became a powerful night of transformation as I called upon my future self and said, "Come get me. I'm ready."

As I unleash my new course into the world, I realize that it's completely out of my hands now. I've done what was mine to do and now I send it out with all the love I can muster for such an amazing teaching. It is my deepest desire that this education helps others like it has me. Now, I turn towards that which I teach, meditation, prayer, visioning and a grateful heart, knowing that the unseen laws that those practices activate and align me with are my answers. 

I marvel at the technology that continues to "connect" us, turns our homes and cars "smart" and even does our shopping for us. But it's not the outer world where we need the most connection. It's our inner world where we find outselves the most disconnected. It's the place within our heart that calls us home, that place deep in our minds that yearns for stillness, that place we call our soul that craves our attention. You can, right now resurrect yourself from the distractions of life, turn towards all three and say, "Take me. I'm yours.".

Entertainer - Radio Personality - Inspirational Speaker - Voice Over Talent : Camille Conte marconi award winner
 National Association of Broadcasters "Personality of the Year" Marconi Award Winner!

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