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This is a picture of Julius and I on October 13, 2013. My tribe hosted a going away party for me and it was an emotional and memorable night. I have often been the one hosting or saying goodbye so to be on the receiving end of such love was truly overwhelming.

Julius' passing yesterday reminded me of what I already know which is that community is key to the good life. However it is that we become entangled in each other's lives forever tethers us to one another in ways inexplicable until death or departures or milestone birthdays that remind us life is finite.

I want to say I've known Julius for nearly 20 years, finding each other through the poetry slams and other art events that drew us together. It wasn't long before I realized that he was a historian, carrying within himself thousands of words that observed everything from war, the birth of Alaska, the spawning of salmon, the artist's journey and field notes from walking the Alaska Pipeline route before anything was built! When he told me about this years ago I was flabergasted! I sat riveted by the crackling fire as dusk fell upon the endless summer day, wine in our glass, an audience of one as Julius' mesmerized me with images of the last frontier.

Julius was a true cassanova who had indeed mastered the art of attracting women into his life. At 90, he told me about the many women in their 80's who were trying to hook up with him. "Too old for me," he said seriously. "I prefer the young ones!" Of course he did. His spirit was forever young and his zest for living the good life demanded women with an equal passion for life, the arts, dressing up for the opera or meeting his friends at the Sunday BBQ. And oh, those kisses!

I knew when I left Alaska that fall October day it could very well be the last time I saw Julius. My heart tugged at the sacrifice I was making to answer the call of my soul to set out for unknown adventures. Turns out, there have been many tugs, sometimes too many to make this now nearly nineteen month sabbatical questionable. Still, my soul tugs hardest and I know that I must honor it though I wish it would hurry up and show me where we're going and why!

A friend wrote on her Facebook page yesterday, "I wish everyone I loved lived in the same place!" I knew exactly what she was saying, these irreconcilable distances that scatter us and leave the heart yearning for connection. Fortunately, love is eternal and I truly believe these connections string us along for eons, forever dipping us in and out of the stardust we're made of as we journey along from one plane to the next. 

I'll see you then Julius. Save a wet kiss for me. 

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