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January 15 - 31, 2019

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       The Camille Conte Show where great music is just the beginning!

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What's the show all about, you ask? I'm glad you did!
Artist Interviews - I love talking with creative people and drawing out their stories. Whether it's musicians Willie Nile, Dan Bern or James Maddock, Rock n Roll photographers Bob Gruen (John Lennon), Frank Stefanko (Bruce Springsteen) or Grammy photographer Danny Clinch, I'm passionate about a great conversation. You can find the interviews at my Sound Cloud page. Feel free to comment, post and share!
Great Music - I grew up listening to the great New York radio stations WABC and WCBS where variety was what made it so good as the DJ's went from one great song to another. As a teenager, my tastes grew to the great FM rock station, WNEW, where the FM jock was born along with deep album cuts and artist interviews. The Camille Conte Show is influenced by what I grew up listening to and mixes the classics in what's new and good.
New Music - Part of the job of any good radio jock is to turn their listeners on to great new music! I just love sharing with you the music from the new artists who are eager to have their songs played on the radio as much today as the Beatles did back in the '60's. And let's not forget the still relevant "classic rockers" like Petty, Young and Springsteen who are still creating some terrific and important music. The New Music Spotlight keeps our attention on what's new and good.
Music News - Whether it's new releases, concert and touring news, milestones, birthdays or headlines, there's so much going on to talk about and we do!
This Week in Music History - Some of the greatest music ever made has within it's grooves some of the greatest stories ever told! The last 50 years is rich with a history that's important to remember today.
  The Joke of the Week - The World's Greatest Joke Teller happens to be my mom! We end the show with a gut buster that is sure to make you blush. She's even got her   own page!
  A Travelling Radio Show - And to make the show even more interesting, I'm on the road travelling from Alaska to New Jersey and every place in between. The show celebrates it's 4th Anniversary January 15, 2016! Come listen in to why it's audience keeps growing! 

Thanks for listening! 


2014 Rocked! Help make 2015 Roll!

The Camille Conte Show

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Thank You 2015 DREAMRAISERS! The first round of funding is complete!!

Dale Chavie, Patty Bran, Tina Spears, Charles Hlawatsch, Rev. Rachel Hollander, Tracey Bobrowicz, Jill Hoelting, James Kincaid, Ron Swartz, Ken Meyer, Roberta Facinelli, Joe Raiola, Peter Porco, Kathleen Bielawski, Dawn McKenzie, Sharon McKenzie, Susan Brakeall & Mark Pearson, Diane DiSanto, Dawn Macon, Jerry & Terry Holder, Cathy Coon, Kevin Farrell, Celeste Donnelly, Renee Safier, Justin Baragona, Dohn Wood, Corinna Delgado, Donna Faulborn, Laile Fairbairn, Janet Levin, Loren Dixon, Bob Adler, Allison Wilson, Peggy Beal, Coraene Scott, Anne Lazenby, Claire Coppel, Mark Krajnak, Evie Dunham, Allen Soule, Janet Hansen, Catherine Shenk, Susie Conley, Sandy Harper, Rocky Grimes, Kelly Walters, Michael Fenster, Suzanne Little, Renee Jones, Vicki Watson, Rev. Bobby Lee, Dennis Lind and The World's Greatest Joke Teller Ann Conte!!  I'm so grateful! Thank you all! I love you guys!

Happy New Year!

The Camille Conte Show celebrates its 3rd Anniversary January 15 with the kickoff of our 3rd Annual DREAMRAISER! The goal is $5000 and I'll be posting each expense here and on the Facebook page as well on on the show! You can use the donate button now or when we begin on the 15th! You can "fund a need" or make a donation! You can also become a sponsor! Thank you for helping to keep independent, live streaming radio alive and well!


Thank you to the following supporters from this second round of funding for 2014. Monies went to my bi-yearly payment to SESAC and keeping the live stream alive!!  Deb Hulen, Dawn Macon, Peter Porco, Donna Faulborn, Tina Spears, Patricia Main, Michael Fenster, Joyce Borninkhof, Maureen Petersen, Renee Jones, Anne Lazenby William Seccarecci, Janice Conte, Michelle Moore Jones, Heather Balderson, Cynthia Hensley, Ken Meyer, Sally Jngreis, Joe Craig, Celeste Donnelly, Donna Ireland, Roberta Facinelli, Ted Ciske, Denise Lind, Bob Adler, Patty Bran and my secret admirer! I love you guys! The Camille Conte Show IS listener supported! 

September is Springsteen Month on The Camille Conte Show!

Celebrating The Boss' 65th birthday on September 23, we've got a month long celebration going on with special guests Frank Stefanko, Springsteen's long time friend and photographer, Melanie Pagioli, ED of Friends of Bruce Springsteen Special Collection and a live broadcast on the 23rd from Monmouth University which is hosting an evening of films presented by Thom Zimny who has served as Springsteen's film/video archivist and collaborator since 2001.  Be sure to catch the live stream using the media player on the right side of this page! 


"Bites of Wisdom" - Featured in 2014! 

I'm delighted to announce my first content collaborator, Nancy Ludwig, Integrative Nutritionist for a new series called "Bites of Wisdom", nuggets of nutritional wisdom that you can chew on! The first series deals with all things gluten and will air both Tuesdays and Thursdays. Welcome Nancy to the show!

Here's a brief recap of the first year!

January 2013 - The world premiere of The Camille Conte Show!

February - The show makes it's first out of state trip to Vancouver for it's first international broadcast!

March - Fundraising dollars are used to purchase a JK Audio Bluedriver that allows Camille to interview guests via phone on the air!

April - Camille's mom, The World's Greatest Joke Teller makes her first appearance on the show with The Joke of the Week!

May - Camille travels to New Jersey for her second out of state trip and broadcast! Who says you can't go home again?!

Summer - Camille sharpens her skills learning IMovie and strengthens her social media skills with Twitter, Facebook, her new blog & email blasts!

August - The Backstreets of America Tour starts to take form behind the scenes as Camille prepares to take the show on the road!

September - Camille announces her cross country trip and begins to prepare for her departure.

October - Camille packs up her car with her equipment and leaves Alaska for an adventure like no other!

October 28 - Camille has her first live broadcast from Seattle!

November - Camile travels through 11 cities with 8 live shows and 7 guests live from her travelling Rock Lives Studio!

December - Camille arrives in the great state of New Jersey and prepares for year two!

January - An entire page of the website hosts all the jokes from 2013! Camille celebrates the One Year Anniversary of the show!


More About Camille and The Camille Conte Show

Camille is revolutionizing internet radio with her new show, The Camille Conte Show, that showcases her talents as an engaging conversationalist, a fabulous interviewer and a classic "FM Radio" music DJ.

With her unique, entertaining personality and award winning radio style, Camille offers a refreshing radio show format that features important community conversations, in-depth interviews and some very cool music.

Anyone with access to the internet on any device, mobile, laptop or desktop, can tune in with a simple click to "play" on the show's user friendly media player. The show's podcasts are also available. 

The Technology

Camille is partnered with the UK company, Wavestreaming, pioneers in online radio technology since 2004, for her stream hosting and radio services provider. Wavestreaming has recently partnered with AOL , leaders in internet radio and long time music company, Sony.

With a premium and dedicated bandwidth, Camille's show will be heard on some of the cleanest and most efficient bandwidth in the world. 

The Host

Camille, a.k.a.. "CC" is a multi-award winning radio personality. Her most prestigious accomplishment, after only two years on the air, was winning the 1991 National Association of Broadcaster's Marconi Award for Personality of the Year, Medium Market. At the time, Camille was only the second woman to ever win the national award and remains the only Alaskan radio personality to be acknowledged by the NAB.

Camille's radio career began back in 1987 with the Pacific Rim Broadcasting Network where she helped to pioneer talk radio in Alaska on KENI AM and KENI FM.  Two years later, when the station was purchased by local businessman, Tom Tierney and became The Classic Rock Station, 100.5 The Fox, CC hosted the mid-day show from its inception in 1989 until 1997. In 1991 she was featured on the cover of "We Alaskans" as the "most listened-to DJ in the state". Camille officially became a celebrity. 

From 1998 to 2001, CC hosted Morning Line on 90.3 KNBA and the award winning music show, "The Weekly Album Report".  

In January 2007, CC hosted the daily talk show, "Cutting Edge", on 1080 KUDO, Alaska's Progressive Voice.  During that historic 2008 presidential campaign, CC was featured on nationally syndicated radio shows The Thom Hartmann Show, The Ed Schultz Show, The Ron Reagan Show, Doing Time with Ron Kuby, Make it Plain with Mark Thompson, Clout and others.

At the end of 2008, after being on KUDO 1080 am for only a year,  Camille was honored as The Nation Magazine's "Most Valuable Progressive, 2008, Local Media" alongside Rachel Maddow, who took national media honors.

Local accolades from the Alaska Broadcaster's Association, the Anchorage Press' "Press Picks" and the Anchorage Daily News "*8 Magazine Reader's Picks" fill the shelves in her Rock Lives studio. 

Today, Camille remains on the cutting edge with the launch of her new internet radio show!


Entertainer - Radio Personality - Inspirational Speaker - Voice Over Talent : Camille Conte marconi award winner
 National Association of Broadcasters "Personality of the Year" Marconi Award Winner!

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