The Show Must Go On!

It’s been a whirlwind couple of weeks but I now know what I’ve got to do and that’s buy a bunch of music licenses so that I can continue to rock without anymore legal issues! You can help by purchasing a t-shirt for $30 which includes shipping in the US! To buy one of these high quality, handmade silk screen t-shirts, click the donate button, choose the “one time” option for $30 and the be sure to fill out the t-shirt info near the bottom of the form. (Ignore the “monthly patron” wording.)

Remaining Sizes:

In the women’s short sleeve t-shirt, there’s (1) medium, (10) large and (4) xl left.

In the women’s long sleeve, (3) large and (3) XXL left. For most women who are a size 10, the large is actually a great fit!

In the men’s long sleeve tee shirt there are (6) large and (4) XL sizes left. The short sleeve tee for the guys are still available in (4) M, (6) L, (7) XL and  (1) XXL.

Note the different styles listed below and be sure to identify which one you want when you order. The men’s long sleeved shirt is exactly like the short sleeved.  If you have any questions email CC at

Thanks so much for your support!