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The American Songbook Concert at UAA!

Camille got a chance to bring her second favorite genre of music alive at UAA's "Great American Songbook" concert. Singing two of her favorites, 'Strangers in the Night" and "L.O.V.E." Camille wow'd the crowd as she paid tribute to the music her mom loved and her dad performed with The Rock Conte Orchestra! Tune in to this very special performance!          

The American Songbook Concert at UAA!2024-01-02T05:26:18+00:00

Joni Mitchell’s 80th Birthday Celebration!

The Big Apple loves CC! Once again, the fabulous non-profit, Theater Within brought Camille to the stage at City Winery on the Hudson River to celebrate the 80th birthday of the legend herself, Joni Mitchell. Serving as MC, Camille connected with the crowd and the activated the love in the room for the music icon as fans joined together with a fabulous line up of female performers who came to pay tribute to their muse. Theater Within had four [...]

Joni Mitchell’s 80th Birthday Celebration!2023-12-08T01:20:48+00:00

Every Event Needs an EmCC!!

No matter the event, every one of them needs an EmCC! Whether it's a wedding reception, a celebration of life, a business function or a fundraiser, an MC is the person that takes all the elements everyone has worked so hard to create and weaves them seamlessly into an entertaining, successful and prosperous evening! The MC directs the crowd, tells them what's happening next, introduces guests and speakers, makes announcements and keeps the flow of the evening moving [...]

Every Event Needs an EmCC!!2023-09-05T00:42:33+00:00

Got Your MC/Auctioneer for Your Fall Event?

Camille brings the lost art form of the Master of Ceremonies back to events! Whether it's a wedding reception, a Celebration of Life, a business event or a full-on fundraiser, the role of an MC is one of the most important elements of a truly successful evening. Camille's 25 years of experience will bring a level of professionalism to your upcoming event that is unmatched. Contact CC at for more information. "An excellent MC and Auctioneer, Camille [...]

Got Your MC/Auctioneer for Your Fall Event?2023-09-15T23:21:51+00:00

Hire CC for Your Next Event

Your Event Wins with CC! What makes Camille so wonderful as an auctioneer and MC is that she has a rare gift of being able to connect with an audience on a heart level from the moment she takes the stage. Simply put, Camille’s joyful energy, expertise, and commitment to excellence elevates any event that she’s part of. — Joe Raiola — Producer, Annual John Lennon Tribute  Camille is a sought after MC and Auctioneer from New York [...]

Hire CC for Your Next Event2023-08-07T08:08:15+00:00

The 12th Annual DREAMRAISER Has Begun!

The 12th Anniversary is Here! The Camille Conte Show kicks off its 12th year on the road and online with the show's 12th Annual DREAMRAISER, the grassroots fundraiser that keeps the show commercial free. There's no doubt that The Camille Conte Show is unlike any other podcast mixing talk and music in a super fresh way. A music historian and seasoned broadcaster, CC blends her life philosophy and inspirational messages with songs that raise our vibe so we can [...]

The 12th Annual DREAMRAISER Has Begun!2024-01-16T06:50:27+00:00

February 2023 is Black Music History Month

The Camille Conte Show celebrates Black Music History Month in February with some of the best shows ever produced! You will seriously get a groove on with each one of these four shows that move from genre to genre across the last fifty years. The first show focuses completely on Motown and the incredible family of singers, songwriters and musicians who came under the vision of Berry Gordy. Next we move onto soul music and some of the [...]

February 2023 is Black Music History Month2023-01-15T00:28:44+00:00

March 2023 is Women’s Music History Month

Coming up in March is Women's Music History Month on The Camille Conte Show and it is rockin'! From rock to pop, folk to blues, these talented women have not only achieved success in a male dominated industry but they have continuously kept the female perspective of life and love front and center in their songwriting. From the early rock performers like Janis Joplin, Grace Slick and Patti Smith to the folk icons Joni Mitchell, Joan Baez and [...]

March 2023 is Women’s Music History Month2023-01-15T00:13:36+00:00


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