The Camille Conte Show #640 1-29-2021

Keeping you on your musical toes with some suprising opening songs this week as we explore what was going on just ten years ago compared to 50 years ago musically. Janis Joplin's Pearl gets our attention this week, one of the important rock albums from 1971. Janis kicked open the door for thousands of female performers who followed including, in my opinioin, Grace Potter who kicks off The New Music Spotlight this week. Also under the bright lights, [...]

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The Camille Conte Show #639 1-22-2021

Three singer songwriters share the stage for this week's The New Music Spotlight. Zach Bryan, Aaron Lee Tasjan and Chris Stapleton bring their own versions of honest, emotionally authentice songs to the show this week. We also begin to take a closer look at the albums released in 1971 that have stood the test of time these last fifty years and how the birth of FM radio was the album's ultimate companion. Plus, the songs that began the [...]

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Thank You 2021 Patrons and DREAMRAISERS!

Because of you, The Camille Conte Show is rockin' all over the world! Patrons Bob Owens Tom and Sue May Joan Koval Judith Mack Mark Jaynes Regina McLoughlin Kelly Walters   Mike Clayton Mary Kay Welsh Christy Morgan Anne Lazenby Cyndi Decker Mark Jaynes DREAMRAISERS Kenneth Meyer Helen Peters Hugh Vartanian Joan Koval Sheila and Allen Soule Dawn Kelly Judtih Mack Michelle Semerad Carol Stamm Sheila Wyne [...]

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The 12th Annual DREAMRAISER Has Begun!

Donate         Click Donate - Support The Camille Conte Show! 2024 marks the 12th anniversary of The Camille Conte Show and its DREAMRAISER, the show's annual fundraiser! Camille has been on the road and online with her music podcast for twelve rockin' years with nearly 800 shows and a growing international audience. As a listener, you have this wonderful opportunity to support Camille's work in the world by becoming a monthly Patron at any level. Or [...]

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Advertise on the Camille Conte Show Camille is combining her love of the listener friendly style of public radio underwriting with her expertise in traditional commercial advertising. This offers her advertisers a unique type of marketing that maximizes Camille's proven track record as a sales woman. Advertising - allows you to buy as many "spots" as you need per hour. (Level 1) Spots are $20 each. There are three (3) breaks in the hour for these spots. Sponsorship - allows you [...]



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