All this year, we’re taking a closer look at 1971 which for me is the “golden era” of rock music because so many important rock albums were released that year. In February of 1971 something new had emerged: the singer/songwriter movement and it would take a seat at the table from then on. Carol King blew the roof off the joint with her album, Tapestry released in February of that year and we talk more about what was so monumental about her arrival on the scene. The New Music Spotlight is brought to you by Patron Regina McLoughlin as we shine a bright light on two artist that came to me by way of Twitter. Sarah Bailey’s new song, Drops of Liquor and Ernie Savage’s new tune, Time to Shine, do just that! Enjoy.


Jill Robinson, Tina Spears, Dale Chavie, Peggy Beal, Lila Vogt, Cynthia Hensley, Susan Brakeall and Mark Pearson, Suzanne Litle, Ken Meyer, Evie Dunham, Ron Swartz, Helen Peters, Hugh Vartanian, Joan Koval, Sheila and Allen Soule from Canda! Dawn Kelly, Judith Mack, Michelle Semerad, Carol Stamm, Dennis Berry and Sheila Wyne!!