February birthdays get the show going this week with music from Graham Nash, Dave Davies and The Kinks, Sheryl Crow and Peter Gabriel. In Music News we talk about the $15 billion dollars inside the COVID relief legislation that passed in January and how it will begin to #SaveOurStages. Such an important topic for anyone who loves music. Small venues are the places that give rise to artists’ being able to grow a larger audience and we need to help them survive this economic disaster. Also, I’ve finally got a few things to say about Bruce Springsteen’s November incident at Sandy Hook State Park that grabbed the headlines a few week’s ago and a beautiful story of why you should NEVER give up inside The New Music Spotlight with Thad Cockrell and his new song, Swingin’! Thank you to DREAMRAISER Charlie Hlawatsch for sponsoring The New Music Spotlight this week! We pack it in this week and that’s a good thing. Turn. It. Up. and enjoy. 

Here’s one of many articles on the new legislation just passed for the music industry.