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The Spirit

This Awakening Spirit Spiritual Solutions for Everyday Living! "Mind is an instrument that the self uses to perceive the world. Spiritual practices strengthen our ability to discriminate the usefulness of any thought." Sherrie Wade What I Believe: I believe we're meant to live a joyful life and that the "key to happiness" is the reconnection with our True Self. Everything I'm about leads back to the inner life and the practices that bring us home. When you're willing [...]

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The Voice

Award Winning Broadcaster, Audiobook Narrator, Inspirational Speaker, Master of Ceremonies Everyone sure knows CC and her unmistakable voice that is instantly recognizable.  There's a unique quality to Camille's voice that exudes her love of people and authentic caring that's amplified by her fun-loving personality. It's appeal, richness and warmth makes you want to pay attention to what Camille is saying.  Maybe that's why she's attracted thousands of listeners over the years and a long list of clients [...]

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The Book

To celebrate the release of the podcast, enjoy special US pricing for the print copy of "The Confusion Experiment." Right now you can purchase a copy for just $15.00 and that includes shipping in the US, Hawaii and Alaska. That's a $5.00 savings! At that price, you can buy one more for a family member, friend or co-worker because most everyone has some confusion these days, that's for sure. Offer ends November 30th, 2020. International orders please [...]

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The Show

How to Listen 2024 marks the show's twelfth anniversary of The Camille Conte Show with over 45,000 downloads, nearly 800 episodes and an international audience that's growing every week in Canada, the UK, Japan, France, Australia and the US. But that's kinda how CC rolls. A new episode uploads every Friday at Mixcloud, the royalty paying platform that pays artists on behalf of music hosts. Download their app and be the first to get the new show. [...]

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