Camille Conte – Widely known and adored as “CC”.

Radio Broadcaster  Master of Ceremonies  Voice Actor

Inspirational Speaker

Camille is an award-winning radio personality and recipient of the National Association of Broadcaster’s Marconi Award. Her weekly podcast, The Camille Conte Show, is heard around the world and combines her love of music and the artists that make it with her enthusiasm for life. A seasoned voice actor, Camille’s latest project is “Daily Burst” with the Los Angeles based company, Audiojoy where she joins a selected group of experts as a creator of inspirational content. 

Camille’s love of people and her quick witted humor make her a natural for the stage. Taking after her father, she carries on the tradition of the entertainer. Whether at the John Lennon Tribute Concert in New York City or giving an edgy inspirational talk at one of the Centers for Spiritual Living, Camille makes a lasting impression on those around her. 

Born in New York and raised in New Jersey, Camille’s soul led her to Alaska, her home for the past twenty-eight years. Irreconcilable distances, she now travels between The Great Land and the Jersey Shore to spend time with her mom, who not only plays a major role in Camille’s new book, but also carries the title of The World’s Greatest Joke Teller. Camille’s journey has resulted in an unbridled enthusiasm for change which inspired her new transformational program, Ready for Change, with 67 graduates in less than two years. 

A licensed Spiritual Living Practitioner and mentor since 2005, Camille is skilled in helping people tell a new story about themselves and their life. She’s passionate about transformation and the role that spiritual education has in the next developmental stage of our individual and collective growth. Her  vision is to help 10,000 take the Inward Journey home to their True Self. Her new book, “The Confusion Experiment” is helping people understand the gift of confusion, the importance of leading with the heart and how meditation is the road-map to clarity. 

When it’s time to play or chill out, Camille loves the ocean, an Alaskan sunset, mountain biking, time with family and friends, dinner parties, live music, great conversation and poetry slams.

Camille is the BEST!!!!

Jomarie, Crucible Designs