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  • Meditation Experience

Experience the Experiment

The Meditation Movement Has Begun! March 27 - July 9, 2019 It all starts now! Pledge your willingness to meditate every day for 100 days and post your experience as you go. You can [...]

  • the book club

The Confusion Experiment Book Club

Experience the Experiment with the Author! So many of you who have read the book have wanted more. You’ve taken notes, you’ve got questions and have things to say.  During The 100 Days, join Camille twice a [...]

  • Camille Conte mentoring sessions

From Confusion to Clarity Mentoring Sessions

We all have moments of confusion but when confusion becomes a way of life or how we identify ourselves, "I'm always confused," then it's time to do the deep dive and do the work to clear [...]

The Camille Conte Show

The Camille Conte Show is an independent, commercial free, listener supported podcast.

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