The Confusion Experiment podcast begins Monday, June 1st!  The podcast will launch with a special mini-series featuring the experiment’s findings. These eighteen nuggets of wisdom, in under ten minutes each, caputre the essence of what I learned from meditating for an hour everyday for 100 days! But you don’t have to meditate to benefit from what the experiment revealed. In fact, by listening to the mini-series first, not only will you have the information you’ve been looking for to make these days a bit more bearable, you’ll also have the ground work of what the book offered and what the full length podcast will be all about. Purchase the book here and though not yet on Audible (soon!) the audiobook is on lots of platforms.

Every week, The Confusion Experiment podcast will allow us to talk about what many of us are feeling these days, confusion, uncertainty, decision paralysis, grief and loss. Understanding the role our mind plays in what we are experiencing is the first step to having compassion for our confusion. It’s equally important to understand how the heart can offer us the roadmap to the new design for living. Confusion is natural during times of change, especially when that change is imposed upon us, that’s why I’ll also have tips and strategies that can help you navigate this unprecedented time of a “new normal.”

The 3 part mini-series runs on June 1st, June 8th and June 15th with the full length podcast beginning June 22nd. The podcast’s home base will be on Podbean where you can also find The Camille Conte Show .  In the meantime, here’s a sample of one of the first findings that came from my journey to the center of the mind. Enjoy!

The Confusion Experiment Mini-Series featuring The Findings. Here’s the first one!