“The Confusion Experiment” audiobook is now available on the first group of platforms! Apple Books, Google Play Books, Kobo, Scribd, Beek, Nook, estories, and Chirp.  Thanks for leaving a review and rating at the platform of your choice. Your feedback is helpful.

After years 40 years in radio, Camille has voiced countless commercials for both televison and radio, has lent her voice to documentaries, Time magazine and is currently a content creator for Audiojoy. She knows about the power of the spoken word. Now, narrating her first published book is truly a full circle for Camille in every way.

“As narrator, editor and master engineer, this has been the biggest, most challenging and most satisfying audio project of my career. To narrate my own book was a very emotional experience. Because the story of my own transformation is so personal, so deep and so inspirational, to read it aloud took me on the journey all over again. It’s my hope that by bringing my words to life, this audiobook does what all of my work has always done and that is to connect me with my audience in a very personal and intimate way.” 

Though there’s a retail sample that goes with the audiobook, here are two more to enjoy!

The first pages of the book….

And from Chapter 3, “This Is Not What I Ordered”