Your Event Wins with CC!

What makes Camille so wonderful as an auctioneer and MC is that she has a rare gift of being able to connect with an audience on a heart level from the moment she takes the stage. Simply put, Camille’s joyful energy, expertise, and commitment to excellence elevates any event that she’s part of. — Joe Raiola — Producer, Annual John Lennon Tribute 

Camille is a sought after MC and Auctioneer from New York City to Anchorage. Whether it’s the Annual John Lennon Tribute Concert in Manhattan or the 2023 Chef’s Table Fundraiser for Planned Parenthood at the Anchorage Museum, CC knows how to connect with her audience and raise a lot of money for the many organizations she’s worked with over the past forty years. 

Camille’s love of people and her quick witted humor make her a natural on stage. A professional and experienced MC, “CC” knows how to execute the elements of your event as intended, to ensure an entertaining and successful evening!

And for the first time, Camille is now available as your event’s Guest Speaker. Whatever the topic,  Camille speaks from an engaging, humorous and passionate heart space. If you’re looking for something fresh and someone new, look no further.

Contact Camille now for your 2023 Fall/Winter event. You’ll be glad you did!

Thank you to photographer, Derek Meade, who took this picture at City Winery in New York City and many of the ones on the home page! He’s so good!