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Independent, commercial free and listener supported, The Camille Conte Show mixes real conversations about life with a rock n roll soundtrack.

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The Camille Conte Show

The Camille Conte Show combines real conversations about life with a rock n roll soundtrack. Not only is Camille celebrating her 39th year behind the microphone, 2020 marks the show’s eighth year on the road, with nearly 30,000 downloads and an international audience. But that’s kinda how CC rolls. The show uploads every Friday via Podbean and iTunes and airs 6:00 pm AKST every Sunday night in Anchorage on 90.3 fm KNBA. The show is listener supported and you can make a donation below.

                 “Radio is my great love. There is nothing else like it and I have the best audience. My show these days combines great music while getting real about life. I pack a lot in an hour. Here’s some of the good stuff.”

Artist Interviews – I love talking with creative people and drawing out their stories. Whether it’s musicians Willie Nile, Dan Bern or James Maddock, Rock n Roll photographers Bob Gruen (John Lennon), Frank Stefanko (Bruce Springsteen) or Grammy photographer Danny Clinch (everyone!), I’m passionate about a great conversation. You can find the interviews at The Interview page. There’s more at my SoundCloud page though soon everything will move over to Podbean. Feel free to comment, post and share!

Great Music – I grew up listening to the great New York radio stations WABC and WCBS where variety was what made it so good as the DJ’s went from one great song to another. As a teenager, I migrated to the format of the FM rock station, WNEW, where the FM jock was born along with deep album cuts and artist interviews. The Camille Conte Show is influenced by what I grew up listening to and mixes the classics in with….

New Music – Part of the job of any good radio jock is to turn their listeners on to great new music! I just love sharing with you the music from the new artists who are eager to have their songs played on the radio as much today as the Beatles did back in the ’60’s. And let’s not forget the still relevant “classic rockers” like Petty, Young and Springsteen who are still creating some terrific and important music. The New Music Spotlight keeps our attention on what’s good and new.

Music News – Whether it’s new releases, concert and touring news, milestones, birthdays or headlines, there’s so much going on to talk about and we do!

A Traveling Radio Show – And to make the show even more interesting, I’m on the road traveling from Alaska to New Jersey and every place in between. Thanks for listening!

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