March Madness continues on the show with another installment of “Women in Rock History Month” featuring some of the pioneering New Wave women of the ’80’s. Plus my newly named segment called “At the Table” brings my dear friend and singer, Mari Hahn to the show as we talk about her insane ability to cook and bake, the coma brought on by her “Guiness Chocolate St. Patrick’s Day Birthday Cake,” and some samplings from incredible vocal range. Vancouver singer, Art d’Ecco brings a terrific new song to The New Music Spotlight and from Iceland it’s a return from Kaleo. Wait! There’s more! Fairbanks’ band Arctic Noise Symphony gets some air time, we compare the 1971 Grammy’s with last week’s and I share some of the challenges of re-entering the world after a year of living alone during this pandemic. Strap yourself in for this week’s show! Enjoy.