2022 – The 10th Anniversary!

The Camille Conte Show kicks off its 10th year on the road and online with the show’s 10th Annual DREAMRAISER, the grassroots fundraiser that keeps the show commercial free. You’ll also be helping with the purchase ($1300) of the music licenses that are required now for music podcasts. This will put CC back on Podbean where she’s been from January 15th, 2013 and reconnect her with the other major podcast platforms. In addition, in memory of The World’s Greatest Joke Teller, Camille’s mom, Ann, a portion of the monies received will go to the St. Francis Breadline, in New York City. Ann gave monthly for many years to this organization and Camille continues to do so in her name. Click here to learn more.

When you up level from a listener to a monthly patron, you join a growing community of supporters who are committed to helping CC grow the show and keep it running smoothly for its 10th year. You’re also helping Camille launch her new vision: The New Design for Living! You’ve no doubt heard CC talk about this on the show and she is so excited to help people awaken their inner architect and design a new life from the ruins and rubble of this massive change we’re all experiencing. Camille’s got new content, new videos and so much more that is ready to go with your help.

There’s no doubt that The Camille Conte Show is unlike any other podcast mixing talk and music in a super fresh way. A music historian and seasoned broadcaster, CC blends her life philosophy and inspirational messages with songs that raise our vibe so we can start feeling better than the headlines dictate. Oh, there’s plenty of music news about the artists we love and always a focus on what’s good and new with The New Music Spotlight.

To learn more about this year’s fundraiser, click here.┬áTo get right to the donating, click here. You can become a monthly Patron of the Arts at the level that works for you or if you prefer, a one-time DREAMRAISER. Either way, your support is super appreciated. Here’s to life, liberty and the pursuit of great music!