March Madness indeed! The show is packed as we kick off the March and Women in Rock History Month with the great Ann and Nancy Wilson and the story behind their third album, Little Queen. We continue to celebrate the “golden era of rock albums” and the year 1971 with not one but two iconic albums representing the diversity of that incredible year in music. The New Music Spotlight, brought to you by DREAMRAISER Renee Jones, shines a bright light on Oklahoma husband and wife duo, The Imaginaries and their debut album. Plus the super talented Serena Ryder and her new release, “The Art of Falling Apart” and the new single, Better Now. And as if that wasn’t enough, we open the show with some must celebrate birthdays! Enjoy.

Thanks to New Thought Media Network for having the show as part of it’s Friday night lineup! 

And big, big thanks to Celeste Jones who compiled some fantastic notes for the month of March 1971. Thank you so much Celeste!