It’s been a bumpy ride for The Camille Conte Show since the end of March but things are finally in place! Happy to report that the show is now on MixCloud, a royalty paying platform that has been doing the right thing for ten years! It’s amazing that I never knew of them but I’m glad I found them. Now the artists that I play will get paid, the way it should be on all platforms. MixCloud also allows content creators like me to offer affordable monthly subscriptions so that our listeners can also be a part of this win/win/win formula. It’s pretty exciting and I’m ready to maximize what this new platform offers.

Though my show remains free, please consider becoming a Patron and support the show with a monthly donation. There are brand new mugs and t-shirts that go with the $10 a month and higher levels so check that out here. Meanwhile, along with celebrating the 4th of July, I’m celebrating being able to post the show here on my site knowing it’s being done legally for all parties involved! HOORAY! Enjoy and thanks so much for your support and for tuning in. Peace CC