HOORAY!! The Camille Conte Show Store is now open! There was so much demand for show swag that CC decided to create some!  Then she added some of the DREAMRAISER “Thank You Gifts” to the merchandise selection like home decor pillows, new t-shirts, new beverage mugs, tote bag and the ‘so cool I gotta have it’ Bluetooth hot/cold beverage bottle with waterproof speaker. You can sync your phone and rock out to the show wherever you roam…up to thirty feet!

As shipping is added to your order and there may be tax in some states, CC has given you the best retail cost possible. Also, because things are crazy in this beautiful world, some shirt sizes may be unavailable right now. When you click on any shirt, you’ll see what sizes each has in stock.

Lastly, because this is a new online adventure for Camille, please let her know of any issues so she can address them ASAP. You can use camilleconteshow@gmail.com or contact Camille through this website. Have fun shopping