April 2022

The Store Is Open


HOORAY!! The Camille Conte Show Store is now open! There was so much demand for show swag that CC decided to create some!  Then she added some of the DREAMRAISER "Thank You Gifts" to the merchandise selection like home decor pillows, new t-shirts, new beverage mugs, tote bag and the 'so cool I gotta have it' Bluetooth hot/cold beverage bottle with waterproof speaker. You can sync your phone and rock out to the show wherever you roam...up to [...]

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March 2022

Women’s Music History Month


March is Women's Music History Month on The Camille Conte Show and it is rockin'! From rock to pop, folk to blues, these talented women have not only achieved success in a male dominated industry but they have continuously kept the female perspective of life and love front and center in their songwriting. From the early rock performers like Janis Joplin, Grace Slick and Patti Smith to the folk icons Joni Mitchell, Joan Baez and Carol King to [...]

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Celebrating Black Music History Month


The Camille Conte Show celebrates Black Music History Month with some of the best shows ever produced! You will seriously get a groove on with each one of these four shows that move from genre to genre across the last fifty years. The first show focuses completely on Motown and the incredible family of singers, songwriters and musicians who came under the vision of Berry Gordy. Next we move onto soul music and some of the greatest singers [...]

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January 2022

The 10th Annual DREAMRAISER is Here!


2022 - The 10th Anniversary! The Camille Conte Show kicks off its 10th year on the road and online with the show's 10th Annual DREAMRAISER, the grassroots fundraiser that keeps the show commercial free. You'll also be helping with the purchase ($1300) of the music licenses that are required now for music podcasts. This will put CC back on Podbean where she's been from January 15th, 2013 and reconnect her with the other major podcast platforms. In addition, [...]

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September 2021

The New Design for Living – September 28th


Register Now Are you feeling restless as you wait for the world to return to some sort of normalcy? Are you frustrated because those with authority don't seem to know what they're doing? Are you feeling ready to move on and rebuild your own life? I've got good news for you. "The New Design for Living" event coming up on Tuesday, September 28th will help you lay the foundation to your new everyday living. The "how to" [...]

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July 2021

Living with Change – August 10th


Register Now It's time to understand Change. Last year's pandemic and lockdown was a game changer. Massive change was imposed upon us that touched every area of our lives. Many of us were simply unprepared to deal with the enormity of such seismic Change. We are still trying to find our way in this new landscape that has no roadmap. We feel mentally wasted and emotionally drained, understandably so as Change continues to be imposed upon [...]

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The Camille Conte Show is now on MixCloud!


It's been a bumpy ride for The Camille Conte Show since the end of March but things are finally in place! Happy to report that the show is now on MixCloud, a royalty paying platform that has been doing the right thing for ten years! It's amazing that I never knew of them but I'm glad I found them. Now the artists that I play will get paid, the way it should be on all platforms. MixCloud [...]

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April 2021

A Weekend ‘Fund a Need’ T-Shirt Blitz! Buy a Tee and Fund CC’s Music Licenses!!


The Show Must Go On! It's been a whirlwind couple of weeks but I now know what I've got to do and that's buy a bunch of music licenses so that I can continue to rock without anymore legal issues! You can help by purchasing a t-shirt for $30 which includes shipping in the US! To buy one of these high quality, handmade silk screen t-shirts, click the donate button, choose the "one time" option for $30 and the [...]

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March 2021

The Camille Conte Show #647 3-19-2021


March Madness continues on the show with another installment of "Women in Rock History Month" featuring some of the pioneering New Wave women of the '80's. Plus my newly named segment called "At the Table" brings my dear friend and singer, Mari Hahn to the show as we talk about her insane ability to cook and bake, the coma brought on by her "Guiness Chocolate St. Patrick's Day Birthday Cake," and some samplings from incredible vocal range. Vancouver [...]

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The Camille Conte Show #646 3-12-2021


Women in Rock History Month continues with three women with three different styles that made their way onto the scene from 1965-1969. Go ahead and guess! My friend, Kelly Walters stops by his own kitchen table for more impressions and a recap of "when Harry met Meghan." We continue our focus on March of 1971 with perhaps the greatest live album of the '70's and our search for the great rock n roll screams brings us to one [...]

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