February 2021

The Camille Conte Show #644 2-26-2021 “She’s Leaving Home” Special


One last time from the house I grew up in, in the bedroom where my dreams were seeded, The Camille Conte Show shares with you the long good-bye as I prepare to leave my parent's home and set out for the open road. We use music to take us on the journey of giving thanks for the unique gifts of living in a small town, letting go in order to go, having faith that though you can't always [...]

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The Camille Conte Show #643 2-19-2021


February birthdays get the show going this week with music from Graham Nash, Dave Davies and The Kinks, Sheryl Crow and Peter Gabriel. In Music News we talk about the $15 billion dollars inside the COVID relief legislation that passed in January and how it will begin to #SaveOurStages. Such an important topic for anyone who loves music. Small venues are the places that give rise to artists' being able to grow a larger audience and we need [...]

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What COVID is Teaching Us


I'm sure you have your own list of lessons learned during this time of COVID because there is always a silver lining no matter what is happening in life. Sometimes you can't see it until after the storm has passed. Sometimes, though, there's a break in the action and you can see it while you're in the midst of it. That's what's happening for me. So along with taking a look at some of what COVID is teaching [...]

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The Camille Conte Show #642 2-12-2021


This past week we lost the longest-reigning original Supremes, Mary Wilson who was just on YouTube sharing some exciting news about her upcoming solo music. We take the time to remember why she and her high school friends became not just THE sound of Motown but one of the most successful acts in recording history. As we continue to highlight the "golden era" of music, we look at February 1971 and the release of "The Yes Album" and [...]

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Listen to the Show Right Here!


Super excited! Podbean has teamed up with WordPress and now new episodes of The Camille Conte Show autormatically upload to this website. In fact, the first one is in the post to the right of this one.  That means you can come to every Friday, scroll down the home page to "New & Exciting," tune in and turn it up! While you're rockin', be sure to sign up to be a part of CC's email community. Look [...]

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The Camille Conte Show #642 2-5-2021


All this year, we're taking a closer look at 1971 which for me is the "golden era" of rock music because so many important rock albums were released that year. In February of 1971 something new had emerged: the singer/songwriter movement and it would take a seat at the table from then on. Carol King blew the roof off the joint with her album, Tapestry released in February of that year and we talk more about what was [...]

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Thank You 2021 Patrons!


The 9th Annual fundraiser was a huge success. Thank you so much to my Patrons and DREAMRAISERS for your generosity! The donate button is always live and this year you'll continue to have access to the special "Thank You" gifts including the limited edition t-shirts until they sell out. The new coffee mugs and stickers will always be available.  If you missed out and want in, then click here to get more information about becoming a monthly Patron [...]

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January 2021

The Day Amanda Gorman Saved Us


Poet Laureate, Amanda Gorman saved us on January 21 as she showed us the sweeping landscape of our fragile democracy, our place in it and our responsibility to its well-being. She did this using one of the most powerful tools: the spoken word. Amanda Gorman saved us not because she is a savior but because she used that which is. Poetry is a mirror that achieves what only art can: it reflects both the inner to the outer [...]

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The Camille Conte Show #640 1-29-2021


Keeping you on your musical toes with some suprising opening songs this week as we explore what was going on just ten years ago compared to 50 years ago musically. Janis Joplin's Pearl gets our attention this week, one of the important rock albums from 1971. Janis kicked open the door for thousands of female performers who followed including, in my opinioin, Grace Potter who kicks off The New Music Spotlight this week. Also under the bright lights, [...]

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The Camille Conte Show #639 1-22-2021


Three singer songwriters share the stage for this week's The New Music Spotlight. Zach Bryan, Aaron Lee Tasjan and Chris Stapleton bring their own versions of honest, emotionally authentice songs to the show this week. We also begin to take a closer look at the albums released in 1971 that have stood the test of time these last fifty years and how the birth of FM radio was the album's ultimate companion. Plus, the songs that began the [...]

The Camille Conte Show #639 1-22-20212021-01-22T16:06:38+00:00
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