Musings on Life in Camille’s New Blog!

Camille's new blog is hot off the presses! Camille's writing is chock full of entertaining, inspiring and insightful musings for which no topic will be off limits. Reflective and thought provoking, Camille's new blog is another opportunity to stay in touch with what's on her mind and heart these days. Camille's willingness to reveal her most intimate thoughts about life and its challenges promises a truly refreshing read. "Turns out, my writer's voice is different from my [...]

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Listen Notes Interviews Camille

"It's necessary for my soul."  Listen Notes just hosted an extensive interview with Camille about her work as a broadcaster. This is a must read for any new podcaster and for anyone who loves CC's show. Celebrating 40 years behind the microphone with the first interview of 2020. Now Camille's podcasts are a part of their database used by millions. Listen Notes is the most comprehensive podcast database online. It's like Google but for Podcasts. ►Tell us about [...]

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CC Turns 40!

November 2020 marks Camille’s 40th anniversary behind the microphone doing what she was born to do: inspire, entertain and rock you! To celebrate, CC is sharing some classic vintage audio from her early days, some of her favorite interviews and special guests. Be sure to subscribe to The Camille Conte Show and follow it so you never miss a beat. In fact, catch the anniversary show that aired on 11/26/2020 here. From CC’s first broadcast on Thanksgiving Day, [...]

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The Confusion Experiment Podcast is Live!

The Confusion Experiment podcast launched June 1 because the world needed it. COVID19 has turned everyone's life upside down and we are in new territory. Change is here and so is the conversation about it.  So every Monday, The Confusion Experiment Podcast allows us to get real and talk about what many of us are feeling these days: confusion, uncertainty, decision paralysis, grief and loss. We're trying to figure out how to stay centered in the chaos! It's [...]

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Thank You 2020 DREAMRAISERS!

Thank you 2020 DREAMRAISERS! The Camille Conte Show is growing because of you.  The show's 8th annual grassroots fundraiser is another smashing success. Remember that the "Donate" button is live year round so feel free to become a DREAMRAISER at any time. Support the show with a donation today and receive a special 'Thank You'  gift. At the $20 level you'll get a whole lotta love from CC on the show and social media. At the $25 level [...]

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The Show is Now on Spotify!

The Camille Conte Show is now on Spotify! Now that's what I'm talkin' about. 2020 started with the show being discovered by Player FM, a multi-platform podcast app dedicated to finding interesting shows that allow listeners to listen offline! No doubt The Camille Conte Show is interesting because CC is willing to go where no host has gone before while playing great music. Think of it as rock n roll meets transformation. The app costs nothing and is [...]

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The Audiobook is Available!

"The Confusion Experiment" audiobook is now available on the first group of platforms! Apple Books, Google Play Books, Kobo, Scribd, Beek, Nook, estories, and Chirp.  Thanks for leaving a review and rating at the platform of your choice. Your feedback is helpful. After years 40 years in radio, Camille has voiced countless commercials for both televison and radio, has lent her voice to documentaries, Time magazine and is currently a content creator for Audiojoy. She knows about the power [...]

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The Confusion Experiment Book Club

Experience the Experiment with the Author! So many of you who have read the book have wanted more. You’ve taken notes, you’ve got questions and have things to say.  Why not host a live Zoom video call with your bookclub or with others that you know have read the book? Camille will answer questions and offer a deeper discussion around the book’s main themes.  Explore with more attention your own transformation while sharing the insights gleamed from your reading. If [...]

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From Confusion to Clarity Mentoring Sessions

We all have moments of confusion but when confusion becomes a way of life or how we identify ourselves, "I'm always confused," then it's time to do the deep dive and do the work to clear the path to greater clarity, confidence and peace of mind. I'm completely dedicated to your healing so as to live a more joyful life. During the 100 Days, March 27th - July 9th, your investment in your healing and growth is $100 and [...]

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